Attractions near our hotel in Kalimantan region

Things To Do

You will never run out of activities during your hotel stay in Palangkaraya. A stroll along the Kahayan River will relax your mind. Alternatively, you can spend the day at Kumkum Recreational Park, located 5 km from the city center, near the iconic Kahayan bridge.

If you want to go outs of the city, Bukit Batu, or the Hill of Rocks, is one of the must-visit places. It is located 50 km outside of the city, or around 2-hour drive. The ancient rock formation will leave you in awe.

Make sure you have experience of exploring the real Kalimantan jungle. Take the Susur Sungai boating trip exploring the Central Kalimantan jungles, rivers, and lakes. There are several packages available, from 3-hour to several days boating trips.

A true Central Kalimantan experience will not be complete without a visit to an Orangutan conservatory. Luwansa Hotel is involved in the project by adopting an orangutan named Petto that was rescued by a team of volunteers from the Central Kalimantan Orangutan Reintroduction Program. You can pay him a visit while he is being rehabilitated at Nyaru Menteng or why not adopt an orangutan yourself?

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